We are running Novell Netware 6.0 SP4 and eDirectory 8.6.2. We have set up
iChain 2.3 with the included NMAS and RADIUS services. iChain with NDS
password authentication works properly. Now we are trying to add token
authentication, and it is not working. The RADIUS screen keeps showing
"Access Request Dropped", "<ip address>, <user>, Unknown RADIUS client".

I have turned on debug mode, refreshed the cache, tried logging in again,
and checked the debug file. The error I am getting I have not seen
referenced in previous newsgroup posts. The important section shows this:

Context Lookup List set to:
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] 1) DEN.RJL
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] 2) RJL
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] Number of contexts = 2
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] tag extracted:, size: 11, tagLength: 22
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] (->)NDSSetUpClientTable(DAS_RJL.RJL) failed, no
such entry (-601)
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] Cache: Error from NDSSetUpClientTable: failed, no
such entry (-601)
[2004-08-05 09:42:21 AM] Cache: Successfully set up client table

It looks like it is not reading the client table properly, but I don't know
how to fix it. We have recreated the DAS object, removed and re-added the
client address in the DAS object, etc.

If anyone has any ideas on what else we can try, I would really appreciate
it. Thanks.