I currently have a single Netware 6.0 server, bare hardware and the
installation media for OES2. I plan to end up with a single OES2
Linux server.

If I want to do a migration, I need to upgrade my existing Netware 6.0
box to 6.5 SP6 before doing so.

What are the licensing ramifications of this?

In another thread someone recommended consolidation to the new server
rather than migration, which may be preferable as it avoids the
upgrade step.

If I consolidate, what are the eDirectory ramifications for deploying
the new server? Do I need a new tree? My reading of the
documentation indicates that eDirectory schema updates must be
deployed prior to installing a new server into the existing directory.
Can I do this part without upgrading to NW 6.5?

Thanks very much for any advice.