We are trying to implement wireless security for a new high school.
During the planning stages, the vendor contracted to set up wireless
recommended a Cisco ACS RADIUS appliance and MS-PEAP authentication. Since
then, we have run into several road blocks: the ACS appliance can only
authenticate to eDirectory (version 8.7.1) using clear text password -- to
get around that we configured the ACS to use Generic LDAP and SSL. Now
the vendor is indicating that it is not possible to run LDAP and MS-PEAP
together on the ACS, and that we will need to put up an Active Directory
tree, instead of using eDirectory. To top everything off they are now
saying that the Novell client (version 4.9 sp2)is not compatible with
PEAP. Long story short...we have spent a lot of money and gotten nowhere,
so we're looking for alternative solutions.

Anyone have a suggestion? We would like to have some sort of solution
that would use Novell/eDir user credentials to authenticate to RADIUS. It
doesn't necessarily have to be PEAP.