I had occasion to install 4.91sp5 on an XP box yesterday, same one I use to
administer GW 7.0.2 on our OES/NW6.5SP7 system.

Got the dreaded "Could not load domain" error.

I could browse the mapped drive to the domain db but it would not load.

We just near bankrupted ourselves because the .db file became corrupted (and
had been through several backup cycles apparently)
and we had to get Novell to fix it.

We had several known good backups but restoring didn't seem to work.
I discovered that when the backup (or indeed the original) domain files were
on a non netware volume (a NAS appliance that is our
main backup repository in this case) they would open just fine, but moving
them to a netware volume (any netware volume on any netware
server) would give the same bad message.

Eventually figured out that if I were to alter Console One's rewrite of the
mapped drive to a URL it would work, but URLs generally
on NW were largely inaccessible unless mapped to a drive. C1 automagically
redirects from the drive mapping to the url equivalent and
it appears that SP5 breaks this such that it cannot reach the domain files
via the url any more, only by the drive listing.

I did a pool rebuild on the GW volume on general principles and a db rebuild
for the domain and po's and all is well, but I did that
AFTER i removed 4.91sp5 in toto and went back to 4.91sp4.

Anyone else struck this?



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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