I have two minor questions befor roll out a test environment for zenworks configuration server. So I hope you can give me answers for them:

We plan the following:
Server: Windows 2003 (linux could also work but I have no experience with suse, debian only)

1. Is it possible to move the complete filesection (including images and softwarepackages) to a fileserver which is using samba? And how I can do that?
2. Is it possible to use pxe-system like other pxe-bootsystems (very poor english, I know ;-) )? Background is that we already use another pxe-server which should run but doesn't interact with the zen. So we need to differ the pc which should work with those pxe and which should work with zen. Also we use a lot of subnets which are connectet via routers. With our actually pxe this works fine.

I hope you can help me and want to say thanks for every help.