It is very good of symantec to offer free crossgrades to windows & linux,
but we are still using and deploying new netware servers. What are you
using to backup your netware servers?

November 10, 2008

Backup Exec for Netware Servers End-of-Life Announcement
Free Replacement Product Offer

Dear Symantec Customer,

Due to changing market conditions, Symantec has decided to discontinue the
Backup Exec for NetWare Servers (BENW) product line. Backup Exec for NetWare
Servers' discontinuation represents part of Symantecs evolving strategic
direction, which involves placing even greater focus on Windows and Linux
offerings that aid customers with their data protection and information
lifecycle management. For more information about these changes, see this

For detailed information about the end-of-life support schedule for Backup
Exec for NetWare Servers, please go to this URL:

Backup Exec for NetWare Servers does not have a direct upgrade path to any
other Symantec product. However, there are upgrade mechanisms that will
allow customers to maintain nearly the same level of support for existing
NetWare servers, as well as be a better fit for Novell's stated upgrade path
from Novell NetWare to Novell SUSE Linux and Open Enterprise Server. All
transition mechanisms require at least one Windows Server and Backup Exec
for Windows Servers.

For many of the Agents and Options offered as part of the Backup Exec for
NetWare Servers software package, there is an analogue in the Backup Exec
for Windows Servers product. Customers who have mixed NetWare/SUSE Linux and
Windows Server environments will find this transition easiest; these
customers will already have the necessary Windows Server hardware on which
to run Backup Exec for Windows Servers. Customers who have pure NetWare/SUSE
Linux environments will find this transition more challenging, as at least
one Backup Exec for Windows Server installation (and the Windows Server
operating system and hardware that requires) is necessary for continued data

Replacement Offer
We are pleased to offer Backup Exec for Netware Server customers replacement
products from our Backup Exec product line. To learn more about the Backup
Exec product line, please visit

Because you are a customer with a current maintenance/support agreement on
or after November 3, 2008, we are pleased to offer you the replacement
product(s) listed below free of charge. Your current maintenance/support
agreement will be linked to the replacement product(s).

Please note that Symantec is sending you this software version upgrade
notification because our records reflect that you have a current
maintenance/support agreement with Symantec. This notification is not linked
with a renewal of maintenance/support. In addition, you are only authorized
to replace Backup Exec for Netware Servers software copies for which you
have a current maintenance/support agreement.

Licensing and Activation
License keys for your replacement product(s) are listed below. The quantity
referenced in the table represents the number of times you are entitled to
deploy the key.

Download software electronically
To access your new release go directly to FileConnect to download the

Agents & Options Qty License Key
BE 12.5 for Windows Servers

BE 12.5 Remote Media for Linux Servers

Request a media kit
Depending on location or tax status, you may have the option to request a
media kit to be mailed to you at no additional charge. You may request a
media kit at FileConnect. Use your serial number to enter FileConnect:
M9695253432 and then click 'I agree' on the End User License Agreement.
Click the 'Ship Me a CD' tab at the top of the next page, fill out the
request form, and submit it.

For more information regarding this notification, please contact Customer



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