After the configuration of Proxy on Configuration -> infrastracture management, at the login, the client try to connect ZCM via proxy but the login never end.
Tracking the network traffic from client, show that the client ask for the proxy, the proxy respond with bad service and retry again continuosly: the login never stop and I'm not able to log to workstation.
Even if I made some mistake on proxy configuration or in ZCM server, I think that the login must stop after some timeout and some retry, but this does not happen (even aftere 30 minuts).
The only workaround that i've found was delete proxy setting from ZCM server, restart workstation on maintenance mode, delete the file proxy_setting.xml (under program files\Novell\cache\zmd\settings)
My configuration: ZCM on SLES10 SP1, Proxy (not Http proxy, but zenwork proxy) in windows server with Zen Agent ( Client with Novell cclient 4.91 sp3 and Zen Agent