The "Service Delivery Playbook" by Novell, chapter 2.7 "Teaming Architectural Sizing Considerations" gives a short introduction to sizing hardware to Teaming-sites. But I need more accurate guidelines ... can anyone help me here? Or maybe tell me where to finde more information.

We are planning a Teaming + Conferencing server for 3000 users (fx. 10-20% simultaneous connected users)
How should we size the hardware?

I guess it should be something like this:
One Teaming-server (CPU, RAM?)
One Conferencing-server with NMS-boards (CPU, RAM?)
One Database-server ... can MySQL handle data from 3000 users og should we use MS SQL instead? (CPU, RAM?)

We are also thinking of virtualizing the Database-server and the Teaming-server.

Best regards
Soren Dahl