Hi, couple of queries..

Running ZCM 10.1 on OES2/SLES and having trouble getting the PXE boot menu. I've enabled it in the control centre, changed the option to boot every time, and started the novell-proxydhcp, novell-tftp and novell-pbserv daemons but the machines booting to the LAN can't see the PXE server. I doubt it's a network issue as our older workstations could PXE boot form our ZEN7 server in the same formation. What am I missing here?

Also while I'm trying to get this to work, I'd like to take an image off some Vista machines (one of the pushes for ZCM). I know I can't work with Vista images on Zen7 but can I PXE boot and take an image of the Vista machines onto ZEN7 server ? If so can I convert them later or will I have to image them again?