We are experiencing an issue across our whole network where once a user enters their username and password in the Netware client on both WXP SP2 and W2k SP4 it takes 9-15 minutes before they are presented with their desktop. If we remove the ZFD 7.01 agent the problem goes away. I found that utilizing the actual OS tab for the workstation policy when applying Group Policy settings instead of the NT-2000-XP tab helped some but not all. Also, we had a single application assigned to the whole tree and once we created that app in each local OU it helped a few more. But I still have many users experiencing this issue and cannot seem to find the problem. All branches have a local Netware server with a local replica of their partition. SLP is working fine. I tried getting a packet capture using wireshark and a hub but could not get anything of use. Any ideas?