Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate a customers 7.0.3 HP1 GW system on a Netware system to OES2 Linux using the GW server migration utility 1.0.

The migration of the POA fails at an early stage, when I'm choosing the POA an click on "next", I get the error stating "The Linux software that you are installing is a newer version than the database that you want to migrate. The versions must match".

I've downloaded both the Linux and the NW file for 7.03 HP1, so these should be exactly the same. Then I upgraded the customers existing GW 6.5 system to 7.03 HP by re-installing the NW agents. System is running fine on Netware. Did I miss something which is checked by the wizard?

Why do I get this error and how can I check which component is the wrong version?

Thanx to all,