Hi All

We recently built a test NW6.5 server, installed BM3.8 and setup radius,
tested using radping and worked.

We then built the server into the live LAN and we get the error "Unknown
Radius Client"

Versions on server are:
EDIR 87.3.0
NICI 2.6.4
NMAS 2.3.3

Errors we get:
Radius screen : "Unknown Radius Client"
Radius debug screen : "CacheReadSecretForNASAddress failed, no such radius
client (-822)

We are using the consoleone from the new server, created new objects and
objects retain info

We did TID100911107 followed all instructions and still no change.

Just ran NMASMON and get the following log entry when running RADIUS

GetLoginConfig: -672
NMAS_GetLoginConfig: -672

Any ideas/assistance will be appreciated

Jason Cowie