Cannot get smb to run, process shows dead. This is a new system, is not a migration. The default install was chosen and it uses ReiserFS (why that's the default is beyond me).

When starting SMB I get this in the logs:

smbd[12733]: [2008/11/11 14:26:17, 0] services/services_db.c:svcctl_init_keys(420)

smbd[12733]: svcctl_init_keys: key lookup failed! (WERR_ACCESS_DENIED)

smbd[12733]: [2008/11/11 14:26:17, 0] smbd/server.c:main(1059)

smbd[12733]: ERROR: failed to setup guest info.

I'm somewhat sure this is a LDAP or lookup issue. LDAP is running, but none of the users sycnhronize with Linux accounts (i.e., id admin shows not found). Universal password, policy is set. LUM Group is there, users are created, etc. Is there a secret to getting the accounts to create on Linux and get them to synchronize or should I have not let ZMD get the patches before I tried to get SMB working?