I am posting the monthly reminder to perform self exams and to schedule
a yearly physical.

My good friend and Navy buddy has started chemo therapy for Stage IV
lung cancer, which may have been diagnosed at a much earlier stage if
he had had a yearly physical. I have no earthly idea why so many of the
people I served with have been reluctant to get physicals when so many
of us have come down with cancer. It may be age related or chemical
(Agent Orange) related or both. Only one out of the 22 has had a heart
attack. 6 have died from cancer.

I don't wish anyone here to suffer if it could have been caught early
by a self exam or physical.

I normally write some kind of poem for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and
the 4th of July, but I'm a bit out of sorts with what's going on now so
all that I'm able to say is:

To those of you who served:

I salute you and Thank you for your willingness to write a blank check
that includes death, dismemberment and sacrifice beyond knowing to
protect your loved ones.