After having applied NW6SP5e to my 2-node Netware 6 cluster, iChain Radius
has stopped working. We are getting the "Access Request Dropped", "Unknown
RADIUS client" error.

The servers were originally running Netware 6 SP3 and iChain 2.2.1 RADIUS. I
had also applied edir862SP6, and during troubleshooting, nmsrv234 (and the
beta nmsrv2341). The rest of the tree is mostly running eDir873 and Netware

NMASMON + RADIUS refreshcache gives the following in the log:
NMAS Enterprise Edition
0: Screen and file output started at Sat Aug 28 21:27:14 2004
NMAS_GetLoginConfig: -1659

The RADDBG.LOG file contains the following lines:
[2004-08-28 09:44:53 PM] (->)NDSSetUpClientTable(DialAccess.Radius.Org)
failed, -1659 (0xfffff985)
[2004-08-28 09:44:53 PM] Cache: Error from NDSSetUpClientTable:
failed, -1659 (0xfffff985)

From previous posts in the forum I know this indicates some sort of NMAS
error. However, I think I have applied the latest NMAS patches with no
success :( I am afraid that I have patched myself into a corner by applying
SP5 onto a server with iChain 2.2.1 authentication server software installed
on it.

One other data point: the DAS object had lost its trustee to the Login
Policy Object. I added a trustee for it, but it did not help.

Any ideas are welcome. For the moment we have changed our iChain
accelerators to use LDAP authentication instead of RADIUS, but this is
obviously not ideal.

Phillip E. Thomas