I've got a single 4.11 + sp9 Netware file server. And a single W2K + sp4
workstation, fitted with Netware Client v 4.91 + sp3. In another room
(connected by Cat5 cable), I have a single multi-protocol-capable print
server. And a simple laser printer with a USB jack.

The W2K workstation is in the middle. It is "double-homed," to borrow an
expression from the parlance of IP. But this printing arrangement must use
IPX. (IP exists in the W2K workstatin and in the print server, but this is
not of particular interest.) There is no IP in the file server.

One NIC in the W2K w/s connects to the file server. The other NIC in the
w/s connects to the print server, though a Linksys BEFSX41 router. The
print server also connects to the printer, via USB. So it's sort of a
daisy-chain affair. The w/s can log into the server.

I can print from the w/s to the printer, via IP. But I cannot do so using
IPX. (I use queue-based IPX printing.) I am reasonably confident that I
was able to print, using IPX, when I was single-homed at the w/s, many
months ago. I suppose I could try that again, but I am missing a simple hub
that I need to avoid the double-homing in the w/s. (Hence this experiment.)

In other words, the w/s can see everything in this topological system. But
I can't print using IPX. This implies that there is an absence of IPX
routing through the workstation, because the file server (where the queue
resides) and the print server (which draws from that queue) cannot see each

Many years ago, I believe I was able to route IPX/SPX through a Windows
workstation. I suspect I cannot do so right now.

Can anyone suggest a TEST, at a w/s command line, or at the server console,
which tells me if IPX is being routed through the workstation?

Can anyone suggest a remedy, such as a registry modification, to facilitate
routing of IPX/SPX between the two NICs in this workstation?