Dear folks,

maybe you can help me with this hard to solve problem .....

I like to "refresh" the office 2000 application on the users workstation;
but we have here a special configuration:

Some workstations here have O2K Std, some O2K SBE and some have no MSOffice

i like to :

deinstall any kind of office, if existing.
then i like to install the version of office i have assigned to the user.
(assigned the application package to the equal office users group)
(the package should be afore distributed in the cache)

my notebook user should be able to "repair" the local installation of
msoffice without network connection on her business trip with the same
application icon.

i have tried many times different packages with / without chain and so on
but im quitted here.

oh i have forgotten to note that this whole thing should flow without any
time delay , delay only for the deinstallation / installation process.

thanks and i curious about your suggestions to solve this