We're running NMAS 2.1 EE on NetWare 6.0 SP4. We're really only using
it for RADIUS. While it was a bit of a challenge to get set up
initially (due to some oddly behaving C1 snapins I recall) it's been
real solid since setting up the DAS objects.

Does anyone know of any issues in upgrading the server to NetWare 6.5
SP2? This server was an in-place upgrade of a 5.1 server, and as such,
has a TFS voume instead of NSS. Does anyone see a problem doing
another in-place upgrade and keeping TFS or should we move the
replicas, rip and replace the server and then move them back?

Some of these may be NW OS questions and if so let me know and I'll
re-post in the NW OS forum.



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