After I update our iprint server from version 6.020080422-0.2.1 to
6.0.20080613-1_dbg, I ran into the following problem:

I was unable to restart apache2. The error I got said:"Syntax error on
line 177 of /etc/apache2/httpd.conf:Syntax error on line 99 of
/etc/apache2/default-server.conf:Syntax error on line 2 of
/etc/apache2/conf.d/oes_httpd.conf:Syntax error on line 33 of
/etc/opt/novell/httpd/conf.d/iprint_g.conf: cannot load
/usr/lib/apache2/ into
server:/usr/lib/apache2/ cannot open shared object file:
no such file or directory"

Therefore, I searched the file nanmed "" and found this
file is actually located at usr/lib/apache2-worker instead of
usr/lib/apache2. After I copied the file into usr/lib/apache2 from
usr/lib/apache2-worker. I did get apache2 restarted. But I got the
following messages while restarting novell-ipsmd:
Starting Novell iprint manager: done
with:/opt/novell/lib/, offset: 16158
And also some other files with different offset numbers.

And I noticed that the update created a new iprint file named
iprint_g.conf. How can I point the server to the original conf file?

Please advise!

We are running iprint server on OES 2 Linux 10 sp1.

Thank you very much!!!