I have created some bash scripts to make it easier for our tech's to manually restore/make images. The first script is built into the root file in tftp/boot, and it presents the tech with a menu asking if s/he want to create an image or restore an image. If the person selects to restore an image, it will launch another script that presents the person with a list of images available to restore, and then start the restore based on her/his selection.

I would like to have the second script located in the tftp directory, to limit the amount of work required whenever a new image is available.

My issue is that when I try to tftp the script down to the workstation (tftp x.x.x.x -c get restore.s) it will transfer the first 512 bytes of the file (the file is about 800 bytes) and then time out.

I've searched the forums, Novell support and google, but have been unable to find anything that may be similar to my issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance