We currently have a NetWare environment where we have Zenworks 4 running on
a NW5.1 server, but have recently added a NW 6.5 server where I would like
to move all of the Zenworks Services. My understanding is that I can
upgrade Zenworks 4 to Zenworks 7. Is version 10 even an option?

My question is can I install version 7 on the 6.5 server and just go from
there or do I need to upgrade to Zenworks 7 on the NW 5.1 server and then
put Zenworks 7 on the 6.5 server for best success? Eventually the NW 5.1
server will be shut down and the Zenworks services will run on the 6.5
server. There are 2 other NW 5.1 servers and 4 other NW 6.5 servers in the
tree that are not running any Zenworks services.

I haven't done much with Zenworks for years as far as upgrading or
installing it on other servers because things have been running just great
as it has for many years now. Thanks for any guidance on this.