You guys probably already know, but just throwing it out there for those
who don't know. I was still in college when I was asked to take a break
and go to China for two months to help my company set up their factory.
The two months became four years.

When I was relocated back to US, they relocated me to Austin, TX. So, now
I'm looking into going back to school and I was looking around at UT and
Texas State. Some brick schools. I was thinking of transferring my credits
over and going from there. And this is where the dilemma comes in.

When I first started college, I was stupid. I flat out skipped school and
just went straight to work. Never audited the classes or what have you.
Now, that I'm looking to transfer, everything I did back then plagues me.
My GPA is a 2.78 because for semester one and three, my classes were
straight F's. For semester two, four to seven, I had mostly straight A's
with one or two B's. But that doesn't matter...not enough A's.

I was told that the colleges won't even look at any admissions with GPA
lower than 3 and the last average of accepted admissions was 3.6.

So...I have a choice now...transfer credits and try to find a school
that'll accept me with my GPA...or start all over again and not transfer
anything. I have 56 credits that I could try to transfer, but another
problem arises that it might not be the full 56 credits due to the fact
that the credits are from another state, so it might not have met the same
criteria they're looking for.

So, assuming time and money isn't really to crazy of a factor...what are
your opinions? I'm torn here from indecision and my own stupidity.