I've seen several times nearly the same question but nobody has an real answerer.

What I've is a working Teaming 1.0.3 installation and a working conferencing 1.0.1 installation. The pidgin version on my clients is the 2.3.1. We have a full LDAP sync. with eDirectory 8.7.x.x. The authentification works well on the teaming and conferencing side. I can see with the pidgin client if a user is login or not. This means the xml-router on the conferencing side works well to.

The problem is the buddy list on the teaming side. The presence configuration on the teaming side is 100 % ok

<Resource presence.service.enable="true"
presence.service.jabber.server="conferencing.domai n.de"
presence.broker.jabber.domain="conferencing.domain .de"
presence.broker.default.community.id="2" presence.broker.zon.url="http://conferencing.domain.de.de:8000/imidio_api/"/>

I don't get anyone in the buddy list online. The systems are inside the same subnet and their is no router or firewall between. It is a very easy and small lap installation.

thx for any help