Okee!! This Linux Clustering is starting to become "interesting".

I have 2 NCP shares setup and cluster enabled. They point to two different EVMS Cluster Enabled reiser volumes.

I have created 2 cluster resources...1 for each volume and have brought them online successfully.

I have created 2 Virtual NCP Server objects in the container and modified each load script (for each resource) to bind the IP for the corresponding resources to the Virtual NCP server object. I have verified that the IPs are correct, and yes, they are different for each resource.

I bring one resource online, goto the corresponding server object..double click it and boom..there's my volume.

Now I've discovered however, if I load the SECOND resource, both NCP Virtual Servers display BOTH of the volumes.

If I unload one of the resources, it unbinds properly and if you double click that server object, there is nothing (because it's no longer bound to anything) which tells me this has nothing to do with my unload script.

It doesn't matter which node the resources are sitting on...it happens each time.

Any ideas anyone?