2 questions -

1) The Scan Selected Workstation option that you access with a browser....once the workstation(s) have been selected and you've clicked the 'Scan Selected Workstation' option...it then tell you whether or not it will scan immediately or later. Can you select the 'Close' Option and move onto other workstations ( on the next page ) and select those as well or is it best practice to wait until the first is done scanning ( presuming it tells you it will scan immediately ).

2) Currently we've just upgraded to 7.5 and left the default option sets which is fine because we wanted to rebuild our database completely ( Inventory != Not Yet Scanned) . Once we're done the full scan of ~2200 systems how can I build the Collection server to just scan requests from certain locations ( IP's) ? With our old 7.0 we tried Option sets with "Workstation starting with IP address of 10.0" but it seemed as though any station would attach and scan ... any help would be appreciated..thanks!