I have a fresh install of OES 2/Linux. I did the base install with the
default package selection (e.g. no OES components selected). I then
added only eDir and put it into the tree. Then I added iManager, NRM
and LUM. That worked fine. Then I added Archive & Version svs,
Backup/Storage, ftp, ifolder, iprint, NCP, netstorage, quickfinder,
Novell Samba and NSS. The Xwindows session I had open hung in the midst
of configuring this in Yast, so I came back in with VNC and ran the OES
config in YAST. It then prompted me to configure some of the
components. For time reasons, I "disabled" several of them rather than
configure them at this time (ifolder, iprint, quickfinder).

Problem is now apache seems to be broken (showing stopped in NRM and
restarting it doesn't leave it running for long). Also, iManager is
broken (most likely because of apache). Tomcat 5 does seem to be
running. I assume that somehow installing all these apps has broken a
config file somewhere....any ideas where to start to get this working?