found an error reproducable to OES2 Servers (only 64 Bit is affected)

After setting up the Server and then patching it via Yast Online Update, the IBM Java will be updated to 1.5.0 SR8

After Server restart some links to java libs in the "lib64" directory are missing.
e.g. to the jndi.jar

So the novell-tomcat5 could not start. In the catalina.out logfile there are exception errors in cause of missing .jar Files

Solution is to start the "install or remove Software" in YaST. Search for IBM.
Set the IBM Java Packets with Version 1.5.0_sr8 (for me there are 5 rpm's) to refresh (the green circle icon). The rpms will be downloaded again and then all links are correct. novell-tomcat5 is back in business.