My actual LAN is based on a Netware SBS 6.5 tree with 3 servers:

1.Border Manager 3.8- sp1
2.GroupWise (NAT) - sp1
3.WEB (NAT) sp6 - Apache 2.0.59, MySQL ver. 5.0.67, PHP 5.2.6.

As a first step to migrate all the LAN to NOWS SBE2, I'm considering to migrate only the third (WEB) server from the TRADITIONAL Netware to NOWS SBE.

Is it possible to do the migration based on the following steps:

1.Replace the HDs. In the actual third (WEB) server with new HDs.
2.Install the NOWS SBE2 on the new HDs, with the same private (local\internal)IP and same server name in the eDir tree. If the installation will fail, I want to have the possibility to replace back the old HDs and continue to work with the traditional NW 6.5 SBS.

Other questions are:

1.On my actual third (WEB) server, the HD is partitioned in few volumes (NSS-mirrored). Can I have same partitions\volumes on the new installation?
2.Will the partitions\volumes be NSS or usual volumes?
3.Can I use the same private (local\internal)IP? I prefer not to change the NAT Border Manager server definition (first server).
2.Can I use the same server name in the eDir tree?