Re: Addendum to the Stock Investing 102 post of 10/14/2008

Many of you opened accounts with with the promotional code
I provided.

The idea was to initially fund the account with $50 of your own money, then
buy a quality, undervalued, good-dividend paying stock through their
automatic investment plan. If you recall, we configured the program to make
a one-time only withdrawal from a bank account to fund the new account with
$50, and invest in the chosen stock when funds are available.

This completed the terms of the promotion, and the plan was to wait for to add the free $50 to our account, then withdraw it back
to our bank account, resulting in receiving $46 ($50 investment less a $4
commission) of free stock.

again be invested in the "invest when funds are available" stock.

My $50 bonus was credited November 6. I was not checking the account on a
daily basis, and yesterday I received a confirmation that I bought another
$50 of stock on Tuesday.

If this is what you *want*, then that's one thing. But if you want to pull
the money back out, then turn off the automatic investment:

1. Log into your Sharebuilder account
2. Click on the "Trade" tab
3. Click on the "Automatic Investing" menu
4. Under Plan Schedule and Funding, you will note that the Plan Status is
ON. Click on "Edit status".
5. On the Edit Automatic Investment Plan Status screen, choose "Switch off
my Automatic Investment Plan", then click Save.

Now, the $50 bonus will be credited to your uninvested cash balance,
allowing you to withdraw it.

-Bob Carroll
P.S. My chosen stock, "FUN" (Cedar Fair L.P.) is presently paying a 13%
dividend, so I can't feel too bad about my bonus cash being reinvested in
the stock.