I am entirely new to the whole ZLM scene so bear with me. I have been reading the administration guide for 7.2IR2 and ZLM is running on SLES10sp2 64bit. I am trying to add the DVD to ZLM as an installation source using my FTP installation server, is this possible? I read about zlmload using a mounted DVD but wasn't sure if there is a tool that allows you to point ZLM to an installation server.I didn't see anything in the administration guide about this.

Also, I have created a zlmmirror.xml and have a few questions. Do you need to create a new xml file for each mirror you are creating? For example, my SLES10 64bit servers that I plan on monitoring are currently running SP1. I know there have been patches and security updates since I have deployed them so I want to use ZLM to update these servers and then add SP2 with all the security updates and patches. Will I need an SP1.xml and an SP2.xml mirror file? What is the easiest, best, way to update my servers from SP1 to SP2 using ZLM?

My current SP1.xml files looks like this
<!-- Use "zlmmirror server-list-catalogs" to see a full list of
catalog names available on this server. -->

Yet when I run "zlmmirror server-list-catalogs" I get this
+================================================= ================+
| Catalogs available from "https://nu.novell.com/repo" (total |
| found: 5) |
+========================================+======== ================+
| Catalog | Target |
| SLE10-Debuginfo-Updates | sles-10-i586 |
| SLE10-SP1-Debuginfo-Updates | sles-10-i586 |
| SLES10-SP1-Online | sles-10-i586 |
| SLES10-SP1-Updates | sles-10-i586 |
| SLES10-Updates | sles-10-i586 |
+========================================+======== ================+
Catalogs displayed: 5
Elapsed time: 1.028 seconds

My servers are running the 64 bit version so what do I need to change to get the 64 bit catalog files.

Any helpful tips and advice is welcomed.