I'm sure this has probably been asked before.

My initial install of our first primary server was done using the server
name (which was fully set up in DNS). I've subsequently had a CNAME
created for the primary, and would like to regenerate the certificate
using that instead. I know in most of the posts I've read on the subject
people have said it's just easier to do an uninstall and reinstall to
recreate your certificate if you haven't already started registering agents.

What I'm not sure about is if I uninstall ZCM on the primary (and only)
server, do I need to blow away and recreate the external SQL DB too? I'd
be using all the exact same settings (Zone name, admin user name and
password, etc) I used for the zone the first time other than the server
name, which I'd replace with the CNAME. I'm just not sure if there's
going to have been anything populated in the DB that will prevent me
from "re-using" it.

Anybody know if that will work or if I need to start from scratch with
the DB too? (I'm not the DBA and was hoping not to have to involve
another department again.)