Dear All,

We have Netware 6.5 sp5, approx 1900 users across 15 sites and suddenly at about 11.30am some users were getting locked out of their PCs (it wouldn't accept the screen saver password). On checking their login details it looked like the system has expired their passwords to May.

When we did a DS repair it showed -694 errors on replica's. Also we noticed that one of the DNS servers had it's cache memory at 13%. After rebooting this server, the DSrepair was back to normal with no errors.

We had to reset almost all the users (all 1900) passwords and some had intruder lockouts. Does anyone know how these password expiration dates were set back ? Any ideas ? We are back to normal now but would like to no what happened, just incase it happens again.

Thanking you for any help.