I have read the previous posts on adminstudio zen edition. Yesterday I
installed it and then got the same error attempting to log in. Log in
failed. This happened several times. Then once I figured out the syntax
the error returned that I can only have one instance of AdminStudio. So
apparently I did authenticate to zcm but admin didn't return that. So I
uninstalled and then reinsalled and it worked fine.

Then I made a pkg. When I attempted to finish the pkg I had to log into zcm
and I received the too many instances of adminstudio error?

the ironic thing is, I am the only person who knows and runs anything on the
network. There seems to be a big glitch somewhere.

Now I am left with the option of uninstalling and reinstalling, again. Is
this an ongoing hassel for others? Will there be a fix? Is there a work