Hello, what am i doing wrong ?

I have two servers and two trees. I can ping the first server from my windows workstation which has Novell Client for windows running, and I can see server A and tree A in novell login screen, but I am unable to ping or reach server B and tree B from my cleint.

With the help of nwconfig utility I set-up all the boards, protocols and bindings, snmp and dns information for server B and I configured its network settings wiht information I got from server A (because I can reach A successfully), however...I still cannot ping or reach server B from my workstation, what am I missing ?

I ran a config command on both servers and i compared two server settings line for line and both are usng the same protocol (ARP) and frame type (ethernet_ii), both are on the same subnet, and both are using the same server version. What else could be wrong ?

Thank you in advance for all your help.