I am having an issue on an OES2 Linux 86-x64 box backing up NSS volumes. I am using Backup Express, but the issue seems to be related to NSS and /or tsafs.

At first I had problems with Backup Express' ability to drill down on NSS volumes. It was able to browse and backup the Linux file system without issue.

I have spent a great deal of time attempting to troubleshoot this issue. I eliminated Backup Express from the mix and tried using tsatest.

Tsatest fails with "failed to open data set" errors when run with no switches. If I try to use the -v switch with one of the NSS volumes it returns invalid switch. I can run tsatest to a remote server's nss volume from the OES2 Linux machine however. When I try to run tsatest from a remote server to one of the nss volumes on the OES2 linux server it fails with the invalid -v switch error. It seems the nss volumes on the OES2 linux box are not visible to tsafs. The nss volumes are visible to clients and I can copy files to and from them without issue. I can even salvage files.

I tried all three modes for tsafs: Linux, Netware and Dual. It doesn't appear to be an authentication issue as it never gets that far.

OES2 patched up to most recent patches. Any ideas or suggestions?

SMS v1.1.6-49.2