Hello All,
Currently I have BM3.8sp1 running Netware 5.1 sp7 edir 8.7.1.
I do have BM VPN setup & have rolled the VPN to few users but having
issues such as not connecting from Tmobile Hotspots. If I reboot the VPN
server or BM server every few days then it works fine. Plus complaint from
the VP's & ceo is driving me nuts. So I would like to implement a
solution which will not require a separate client on their laptops. I
would like to setup PPTP/L2PTP VPN. I have already worked out the issue of
the PPTP not working behind NAT.

I would like to use Microsoft VPN with Microsoft radius forwarding request
to BM radius to authenciate the users. Has anyone implemented this
solution & is it even possible to use this solution.

Thank in advance.