Don't have any issues just looking for a little extra information if
anyone can help :)

I am aware that you can test the functionality of the WRS with the URL


on 10.1 you can append to test a number of the test that you want to
evaluate or just select from the menu. ( rep 10.1 there was no
phantomDevice )

The valid tests are:

* test=0 Invoke reRegisterDevice
* test=1 Invoke statusUpdate
* test=2 Invoke registerPhantomdevice
* test=3 Invoke ping
* test=4 Invoke registerDevice
* test=5 Invoke registerUser
* test=6 Invoke retireDevice
* test=7 Invoke unRegisterDevice

So my question are about 2 and 5

2. registerPhantomDevice ?? I have run this and it just creates a device
in the zone so you can prove WRS is working. But what is the difference
with registerDevice. I know registerDevice ask more questions so can be
used to pre-resister a real device. My thoughts that a phantom Device is
just a simple test to show devices can be created ???

5. registerUser. No idea here???