I initially had problems with computers using Novell Vista Client 1.0 SP1 taking 10-30 seconds to find some of our Windows 2003 and 2008 servers. Once the Windows servers responded there was a period of time after response time would be good. However users would then experience experience delays browsing or saving files to the Windows shares. I found that if I opened TCP port 524 (NCP) to these boxes the delays were removed.

However I still have a problem if the server is part of AD domain. The server in question is a Windows 2008 server in a 2008 Domain.

A couple things I have observed:

1. Turning off the Windows firewall on the file server fixes the problem.
2. The Windows firewall is not indicating it is dropping any packets before I turn it off.
3. Opening TCP 524 on the domain control and file server has no affect.
4 TCP 5355 (LLMNR) was initially found to be blocked by Windows firewall (it was opened), but it was not needed to fix the problem in the servers outside the domain.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.