I'm having trouble connecting to a Netware 6.5 server from 1 new workstation, Optiplex 755 with Windows XP Pro. I started with Novell client for Windows 4.91 SP4. I've upgraded to SP5 to no effect. The other 20+ computers/workstations continue to connect normally.

I get the "tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server" message when attempting to login. Unlike other postings I've found on this subject, I experience the following:

1) I can browse for, find, and select, the tree. However, when I next browse for the context, I get a message "cannot access tree <tree>"

2) If I type in the IP address of the server for the tree, I can successfully browse, find, and select, a context and a server. However, I still get the "tree or server cannot be found...." message upon attempting to log in.

Can you shed any light on this issue?