We are migrating from a NetWare 6 server to NetWare 6.5 server.

The NetWare 6 server hosted a very large number of files >100000 files in an archive directory. We had no problems accessing this directory with Windows Explorer and any FTP client.

After I moved the directory to the NW 6.5 server I still have no problems accessing it with Windows Explorer but all FTP clients I tried (I normally use Filezilla but I tried several others) only list about two thirds of the files/directories. All the clients stop listing at the same point with no error messages.

I initially thought I had not copied all the files over until I checked with Windows Explorer and discovered that all the files were in fact on the NW 6.5 server.

I checked all parameters of the NW 6.5 FTP server but I couldn't find anything that might explain this.

Any ideas?

Mehmet Boyaci