Good Morning,

Is the resolve.cfg file like a "search domain" setting ? And can there be more than one entry such as and xxxx.local ?

The reason I am asking is because I am setting up Backup Exec on a Windows box and the netware agent didn't show up on a few servers that I had set the resolve for, being email, web, and virtual office servers we have.

I have recently changed over our internal server to xxxx.local and everything seems to be working well like iPrint, which is apache2 based, and I had to change a few settings in the httpd.conf file for the iPrint to work.

I did not do the same changes on the email and web server because I didn't want to break anything for the outside access on the sites.

So back to the resolve.cfg, I changed the resolve.cfg file from to xxxx.local on the one server I have running virtual office, and the vo url still seems to work, and now, that server which wasn't showing up in the Backup Exec Netware agent list is now showing.

So I guess I am looking for input on; if I change the resolve.cfg to xxxx.local or add a second entry, with out changing anything in the apach2 httpd.conf, will all the outside .org web urls still work.

I hope I explained that adequately, thank you,