I have installed Novell client on a windows XP.
I will login my user and my password in NDS via the chain cisco aaa client
(router cisco 2503)- acs server - nmas.
For this in the login mask of the novell client, I select Dialup --> login
using dial-up networking --> the profile of my DUN containing the
properties of my modem connection --> no location (direct connect).
When I press OK, it is asking to me the detail of the connection :
- my username
- my password
- my domain
- my phone number
I select connect to inititiate the connection. I late the parameter "my
domain" to empty.
I see that the novell client is using DUN to dialin the correspondant
I receive the call on my acs aaa client (router cisco 2503)and this aaa
client is sending the packets to acs server for authentication.
Then, the ACS server is receiving these packets and resend these to NMAS
(token radius server external database). Normally NMAS has to authenticate
the user and password inside the NDS.
But I receive an error message indicating that the usename and password
are invalid on the doamin (error code 619).
I don't understand this error message because there is no domain notion in
Novell. I can understand that mircosoft needs a domain to authenticate the
user and password. Because the Novell client dial-up is based on DUN and
DUN is based microsoft, we need a domain for authenticating the username
and password.
Does it mean that I need an Active Directory for authenticating username
and pasword in the domain ?
Does it mean that I have to integrate the AD with NDS ?
Can I use the local AD/SAM of my PC to authenticate the username and the
password in the domain ?
If yes, how can I configure the NDS for this ?

Could you help me as soon as possible ?

Yours sincerely,

Olivier MONTEE.