Here is the output from nmasmon:

NMAS Starter Edition

0: Screen and file output started at Mon Dec 13 09:25:34 2004

0: Create NMAS Session

0: Destroy NMAS Session

0: Create NMAS Session

0: Destroy NMAS Session

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Thanks for posting the debug log. I've pasted the relevant portion below:

[2004-12-03 06:44:48 AM] (->)NADMAuthRequest(Probe.URZ.CAMPUS)
failed, insufficient buffer (-649), time:29

Unfortunately this call is going into bauthpxy.nlm, then nmas.nlm. I think
it's likely that this error is coming from either nmas.nlm, or the login
method that NMAS is executing.

I'm afraid that I'm going to have to see a debug trace from NMAS before I
can be of much help. If you are running eDirectory 8.7 or later than you can
do this using the +NMAS switch with DSTrace. If you have an older version of
eDirectory, then you'll have to use nmasmon. Use the following command line
"nmasmon * <path to trace file>".

In the mean time, there are a couple of attributes on the user object that
you can examine. These are SAS:Login Configuration, SAS:Login Configuration
Key, SAS:Login Secret and SAS:Login Secret Key. Many of the NMAS methods
store data in these attributes. This is just a hunch, but if one of these
attributes has grown very large then that might be the source of your

>>> Boert<> 12/02/04 10:51 PM >>>

"Scott Kiester" <> wrote in message
> NDS error -649 is ERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. A possible cause for this would
> be if either RADIUS or NMAS were trying to read an NDS attribute that was
> much larger than it expected. Could you post a RADIUS debug log? You can
> generate the log by entering "radius debuglog on" at the server console. The
> log will be written to sys:\etc\radius\raddbg.log.
> >>> Boert<> 12/02/04 6:39 AM >>>

> Hello,
> when trying to test the radius installation with ntradping.exe the
> radius server on a nw6sp4 box returns the following error:
> client IP, username, NDS error (-649).
> What is the reason?
> Best regards
> Boert