Info as follows:

ZCM Zone is 10.1.1 on Windows Server 2003 and MS SQL Server 2005.

We have deployed the Inventory Only agent to about 1500 WinXP SP3 devices. We now want to start rolling out the full agent onto these devices but have hit a problem. When we deploy using the deployment centre or by manual methods, the installation completes successfully and the device reboots but it fails to register.

If we then try to register manually using zac reg we get the following:

Server Code: -999 Server message zzz:null

The only way we can get it to register is by:
1. Removing the Inventory Only record from the database using the ZCC.
2. Manually registering the device using the zac reg command.

The above works but why should we have to remove the Inv Only record first???? Surely this is not right?

Also if we deploy the agent to a device that doesn't have the Inv Only agent already installed, the agent installs and the device registers correctly.

I have tested the above methods in our live environment and also in a virtualised test environment and have gotten the same results.

Can someone else try this please and get back to me.

Thanks in advance