I am currently doing some testing of the Novell Client and Microsoft
802.1x on a 2000 OS PC. The issue I am having is the the Novell client
tries to login first but cannot because the port is not enabled via
802.1x, so I have to login inlocally after the Novell client fails to
login into NDS, then 802.1x credentials are sent and the port is enabled
and I can then launch the Novell client again to log into NDS. My
question is as follows:

1. Is there a way to tell the Novell client to allow 802.1x credentials
to de sent first and then have it try to login to NDS?
2. If no to question 1 can I login locally and have it send the 802.1x
credentials and then have the Novell client automatically send its login
credentials without making the user launch the client again?