I started testing in a test lab.

First I ran the migration utility for Timesync in iManager using the
automatic for ONE server.

The docs claimed it does a one-to-one based upon the timesync.cfg

I'm not sure it did it right.

It set the server as a broadcast and pulled time from one NTP server
(the NTP server it had was correct)

NCP is off.

I'm not sure I want/need NCP on or off (all NW 6.5.6 and 6.5.7).

The docs aren't really clear on that part either.

Anyway, the migration said it succeeded, but it said it wouldn't load
xntpd because timesync.nlm was not unloaded.

But when I did a "m timesync.nlm" it's not loaded. And xntpd.nlm WAS


Yet, the migration utility says it's still not loaded.

At this point I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't issues with the
migration plugin.

All I wanted/needed to do was configure every server for XNTPD to get
time from an already existing Unix (Solaris) server via NTP. I don't
need peers, etc. Simple "client" config on my part.