I have updated the simple password method as you descriped, run "nmas
refreshpolicy" and DSREPAIR (with no errors), but it didn't work :-(
I usually get the -1662 error when I try to test-connect with NTRADPING.
Do you have any other idea?

Best regards

on:Scott Kiester (SKiester@NOSPAM.novell.com)
Betrifft:Re: NMAS error -1662

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Datum:2005-01-12 12:09:54 PST

It looks like NMAS is getting a -1662 (Login Server Method (LSM) not found)
error when trying to execute the Simple Password method. However, part of
the Simple Password method is there because NMAS is able to load one of the
other modules for this method.

NMAS loads the server modules for the methods from eDirectory. Either the
LSM for the Simple Password was not installed properly, or eDirectory is
having some problem synchronizing the stream attribute that contains the LSM
for this method. Try re-installing the Simple Password method. Do this by
updating the method in ConsoleOne (Simple Password
Method->properties->Update Method button). _DO NOT_ delete the Simple
Password method from your tree and re-install it, or some of your NMAS
servers may not pick up the updated method.

If updating the method does not solve your problem, try executing the "nmas
refreshpolicy" command on your RADIUS server to force NMAS to reload the
methods. If this does not work, then run DSRepair to make sure that your
y container is able to synchronize properly.

>>> Boert<hk13@gmx.de> 1/9/2005 11:29:04 PM >>>

In the "radius" login sequence I use the NDS "OR" SIMPLE PASSWORD
login methods,
because I dont't want to assign a simple password for every user. Only
the cisco-box users CHAP.

Best Regards