I realise this is not really the place for a hardware specific question - but if anyone can help point me somewhere for better help that would be great:

I have a printer, an ml-3561n, has started to give an error, frequently now, perhaps 1 or 2 times a day.

In the display you see the message TSKNIC2 0152

I can find no reference to this error looking in the manuals, and am hoping you can give me information so I know what the error message means and how to correct this problem.

Samsung were not really helpfull - saying does your printer have a network card? Well - yes it does actually - thats why I said it was a ml-3561n printer - the 'n' stands for network! Doh!

I think rereading the manual to see if I can do a factory defaults refresh is probably a good idea. If anyone has other suggestions that would be great.

Thanks :O)