I am trying to do something that is a bit strange I guess, I am trying to manually import machines to the edir tree (which I can do no problem) and I am trying to get them to join a workstation group at the same time (problem). In the majority of our systems, we use an import policy, but on a group of machines (about 1000) we have to deal with some special needs and (I'm told) we cannot (or will not) create a secondary import policy for this area.

In the past we have just imported the workstations to OU's and associated our applications, policies, etc to the workstations using those OU's. But now our Novell group wants us to switch to using workstation groups. I don't really understand what the difference would be but its not my decision. So I need a way to join the workstation to a workstation group either right when it imports to the tree, or afterwards would be fine too, but the joining must initiate from the client machine, not from edir via console one.

I was reading about zwsreg (here: Cool Solutions: Using ZWSREG) and there is a reference to a hidden switch, that allows for workstation groups: wsgroups. That page says it won't take the data from the command line but I can't get it to take the data from registry either. I have no problem coding something up, but I need to know what to add/modify before I can do that. We are running Zenworks 7 with all the standard insanity. Any information you guys can provide would be extremely appreciated.

Thank You.