Hi Forums

I'm trying to set up the NMAS and Novell Radius with the Vasco Method on a
NetWare 6.5 - SP2 server
According to this
everything works
fine until i get to this point 3(below), within the TID:

================================================== =
Adding an Attribute to the RADIUS Dial Access Profile (DAP) Object
1 Start ConsoleOne.
2 Double-click the DAP object.
3 On the Attributes tab, click Add.
4 Select the Novell eDirectory Name attribute.
5 Check the box next to Novell eDirectory attribute.
6 Select FDN (Fully Distinguished Name).
IMPORTANT: It is critical that you select FDN so that name resolution will
work properly. Otherwise, the users who use this profile will get a 403 User
Name Mismatch error when they try to access Web pages.
7 Click OK > OK.

================================================== =

Then it fails and it seems like the "ADD" button within C1 does not work at
all, i.e. nothing happens.!!!
I'm running the default C1 that is with NW 6.5 - SP2.

I did the install of Radius stuff from the "iChain 2.3 -SP1 Auth CD", not
really sure wether or not that is good.
but anyway thats where i'm going to use it in the end.

Any ideas would be great.
- Michael